30 best Cool Short Hairstyles Ideas For Men In 2014

3o Short Hairstyle Ideas For Men In 2014

The time when humans are not willing to see hairs anywhere and just on their head only their head, the trend of short hairstyles is grooming fast. Short hairstyle now considered really cool. It was a time when men with long hairs were taken as some cool persons but now it’s time to see the second side. Presently short hairstyle for men is the best thing because they are easy to manage and due to hair experts, mens hairstyles has turned more good looking. Short hairstyle for men are suitable for all the occasion whether office or party. It is a two-in-one hair style, formal as well as casual. When it comes to styling hair, many men fall in the question that how to style short hair but here you will get the answer. There are a number of short hairstyle for men, here we are providing their description and then how to style short hair that way and also that which face cut suits to that hairstyle.

1. Short spiked hairstyle for men: When short hairstyle for men came into existence, short spiked hairstyle for men was at top. This is one of the coolest and rocking short hairstyle for men. Method: For this hairstyle, you will need a hair styling gel. With its help, you need to make your hairs stand usually in the center of head to create a spike look. Then comb the remaining hair in the side. And the short spiked hairstyle for men look is ready to go. This look is suitable for those who have long hair and small forehead.

2. The David Look: This hairstyle also stands in the category of short haircuts and it’s one of the most common short hairstyle for men. If you want to bring out the sportsmen in you, then it is the best look to rock with. Method: For this, you need to create some height in the centered head and swipe the hairs of sides slightly. A hair styling gel can help more. Use it when your hairs are wet. Style your backward hairs with fingers to give a casual look and then blow dry. You are ready to go for this look. The advantage is that this hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes.

3. The Chad mens hairstyle: Always making spikes in the mid of the head may go boring. So try this new and different Chad look. It is very popular short hairstyle for men 2014 and this short haircut is awesome.
Method: Take a hair styling gel and apply all over your hand. Now gather all the hair in a side of the head and apply gel over it thoroughly. Try to make a diagonal look to enhance this short haircut. Give finishing touch with your fingers and this short hairstyle for men is ready. This hairstyle is best for round shaped faces.

4. The Adam look: This look is very easy as well as stylish to do. In this mens hairstyle, the look is very expressive. Method: For this hairstyle, you need to get such a haircut that hairs in the front area of head are a little bit longer than the remaining hair. The hairstylists know very well about how to style short hair so you can go to a good salon fir this. After this haircut, you no need to do more. Just use hair gel and provide texture to your hair using your fingers. You should use comb also but for the end, use fingers for styling. This hairstyle is suitable for oval shaped faces as it suits them best.

5. The Stephen Men’s hairstyle: If you want to a lot of attention, then this is the best hairstyle. We are providing here how to style short hair and that’s why you will find no problems in getting this look. Method: To get the Stephen look, you need to get your hair wet. After this, use blow dryer to mold your hair upwards. You can do this by using your fingers like a comb combing upward on the head. For the remaining hair, just do a simple thing. Settle down your hair on the head surface using blow dryer. Now take hair styling gel and apply on the hair with fingers moving upward. This will create the half Stephen look and then apply over the remaining hair to get shine and complete Stephen look. This hairstyle is best for those heads which are egg shaped.

6. The Eric short hairstyle for men 2014: This hairstyle and short haircuts are just made for each other. The mens hairstyle is very elegant and easy to do. If you have thinning hair, then it’s like cherry on the cake. Mean to say that this look is suitable for thin hair also. Method: For this hairstyle, get a simple and short haircut men’s hairstyle and for after that, we are telling you how to style short hair. For this, take the hair styling gel or you can avoid it also. Take it as optional. Just comb your hair in such a way that they remain flat and for shine, you can use hair serum but just a little bit. More of it will spoil the look and your face too. And now you have just got the look. This haircut is suitable for oval shaped faces and all type hair texture.

7. The Caesar cut short hairstyle: This hairstyle is also known as the Taylor cut. It is a very classy and rich looking haircut for men. It’s one of the desired short hairstyle for men 2014. This is a very easy to do and quick hairstyle. You can do this even without standing in front of the mirror. But for cool results, you need to do that. Method: First of all, get a short haircut keeping the front head hair a little longer. Then only you will be able to get this look. Now apply the hair styling gel all over your hand and try to settle the hair towards the surface of the head. When it looks clean, try to texture with fingers and there you go. All these are simple, easy and latest short hairstyle for men 2014 and for more, stay connected and you will have a fashionable experience here.

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