6 Popular Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin In 2014

6 Popular Lipstick Shades

No doubt lipstick is the best way to show your interest and understanding of fashion. So many shades of color for different skins, all this makes use of lipstick better but sometimes confusing. Lipstick is such a beauty cosmetics colour makeup which excess or less both can lead to makeup disasters. There is different shades color to choose from. In this post, you will know how to pick lip color according to your skin tone. You will also get the answer to your question that which lipstick color suits me. Also you will know how to apply lipstick to get the diva look. There are number of beauty cosmetics in colour makeup or you can say lip tint. But we have brought to you the six popular lipstick shades for fair skin in 2014. So here you go

1. Coral pink shade:

the coral shade is one of the best lip tint among beauty cosmetics in colour makeup. This pink shade has a very elegant appearance. When you are searching for how to pick a lipstick then you must try this lip stain. This lipcolor is one of the most charming colour makeup. The coral shades color is best for summer as it reflects the fun and joy and freshness too. If you purchase a good branded one, then it can turn into best long lasting lipstick as it is available in good brands. For a fair skin, this is the answer to the question that which lipstick color suits me. When you think that how to apply lipstick of coral shades color then the best tip is that apply it by yourself. It is seen that when you apply a lipstick by yourself, the pressure created by you results in perfect shine and brightness that a best lip stain requires.

1.  Hot Coral Pink Shade Lipstick for fair skin 
coral pink shade lipstick

2. Soft Coral Pink Shade Lipstick on Fair skin 
coral pink shade lipstick

3. Dark Coral Pink Shade Lipstick on fair face 
coral pink shade lipstick

4. coral pink Shade Lipstick on beautiful face of lady 
coral pink shade lipstick

5. Blond emma stone coral pink lipstick
emma stone coral pink lipstick

2. Lip Gloss Lipstick :

Gloss is one of the most prominent of color makeup (sometimes it is colorless) and that’s why also known as best nude lipstick. It is such a thing which is simply amazing. Any shades color you are wearing, it can be any lipcolor just a little bit of gloss can make it the best colour makeup. Gloss can make any lipstick look like best lipstick or best lip stain. It gives a perfect lip tint to the lips as it is the best nude lipstick. In colour makeup, there are several shades and gloss suits to almost every shades color. Plum lipstick also goes well with gloss. If the gloss is transparent and your lips are of best natural lipstick shades then it is the best lipstick for you. If you are really confused about which lipstick color suits me, then you can use gloss. It is a good beauty cosmetic for a natural lip tint.

1 . Amazing lip colour lip gloss For fair skin 
lip gloss picture

2.baby pink  lip gloss for Fair Skin
lip gloss

3. Coral lip gloss for pretty women 
lip gloss on beautiful face

4. Hot Red lip gloss for pretty women 
hot red lip gloss

5. popular lip gloss for pretty young lady
red lip gloss

3. Transparent Lip Color Shade On Pretty Face :

Well, this used to be the best option for school girls as makeup was not allowed in school. This is a natural lip colors look and shades color is very natural to see. It’s nothing over and if you like to be casual but beautiful then this is best natural lipstick shades for you. In market, you may find several natural lip colors and transparent lip color is one of them. Sometimes you really get confused about how to pick a lipstick and if you didn’t get any answer, then it’s a good lip tint for you. In schools, natural lipstick color can be carried easily. Transparent lip color is awesome on fair skin. So if you are searching for best natural lipstick shades, then this natural lipstick color is just for you.

1. Transparent Pink lip Color For Fair Skin 
transparent lip color

2. Transparent Lip Color For School Girls 
transparent lip color

3. Glowing transparent lip color
transparent shining  lip color

4.  Glowing  transparent lip color
transparent lip color

5.  Flare pencil transparent lip color
transparent lip color

4. The Hot Red Lipstick:

Yes, it’s all true that today’s era considers the red lip color as the hottest red lipstick. Many celebrities are just fond of red lipstick. As fashion has to be sensuous, the red lip color is best lipstick in such a case. Although plum lipstick is also good. You really like red lipstick and due to fair skin you think that it is the best lipstick for you but you don’t know how to wear red lipstick, then we are going to solve this problem here. Red lipstick and red lip color looks worst when messed up or smudgy. So here you will find how to wear red lipstick. Here you will learn how to apply lipstick. When you start with base coat, try to keep best natural lipstick shades and a clean lip tint. It can be a natural lipstick color like sheer lip gloss. After this select your shade, that which red lip color you want or which red lip color is best red lipstick for you. Watching the redness of your cheeks can be helpful in learning how to wear red lipstick. Now with your fingertip, gently use the best natural lipstick shades, i.e. pale gloss. This will help you in achieving best red lipstick red lip color. Now it’s time to apply the red lip color. Using a brush will help you a lot because it spreads the red lipstick equally. Start from the center and then go towards the sides of your lips. This trick will help you in getting best red lipstick red lip color and here you got all the answers on how to wear red lipstick.

1.  Beautiful hot red lipstick on fair skin 
hot red lip colour

2. Attractive Hot Red Lipstick For Fair Skin
hot red lip colour

3. Pretty Hot Red Lipstick 
hot red lip colour

4. Pleasing Hot Red Lipstick on Pretty Face 
hot red lip colour

5. Good Looking  Celebrity Hot Red Lipstick
hot red lip colour

5. The Cute Color, Baby Pink Shade :

Pink lipstick is one of the best lipstick colors with awesome lip tint. Pink lipstick is widely used beauty cosmetics and almost favorite of all the girls. A little darker shade of it, plum lipstick is also good. Some good brands can provide you the best pink lipstick which will be available in natural lipstick color. The benefit of best natural lipstick shades is that they look natural and they are long lasting lipstick and many more benefits. From the crowd of thousands of lipstick colors, baby pink is considered the best nude lipstick or you can say best lipstick stain. Baby pink color has a very cute lip tint which is admired by all. If you want to know how to apply lipstick then read ahead. To get the best long lasting lipstick, choose a good brand and apply well so that the lipstick stays longer. Baby pink is such a pink lipstick that is preferred by many girls as awesome beauty cosmetics.

1. Rose Colour Baby Pink Shade Lipstick
baby pink lipstick

2.  Pale Red  baby pink lipstick on pleasing face 
baby pink lipstick

3. Rose coloured baby pink lipstick on pretty face 
baby pink lipstick

4.  baby pink lipstick on pink colour hair face 
baby pink lipstick

5.  Lip Gloss Baby Pink Lipstick
baby pink gloss lipstick

6. The Peach Color:

Peach lipstick is one of the coolest and the best nude lipstick if applied in a light coat. Peach lipstick is a shades color that is one of among natural lip colors. The peach lipstick is very natural and its look is very classy and stylish. If you use it darker, it appears a little bit like brown lipstick but complete brown lipstick is something else. Brown lipstick has a darker core but peach lipstick is somewhere related to one of the best natural lipstick shades. When at any point you feel like which lipstick color suits me or how to pick a lipstick then you can choose peach lipstick, it is a good option because it has best natural lipstick shades so it won’t go over. The lipcolor of it is best natural lipstick natural lipstick color. In darker shades, it’s somewhere next to brown lipstick but still it gives a good lip tint. You get the shades of pink lipstick with this also. This lipcolor is a natural lipstick color and absolutely perfect for fair skin.

1.  Peach Color Lipstick On Attractive Face  
peach color lipstick

2. Transparent  Peach Color Lipstick On Fair Skin 
peach color lipstick

3. Peach Color Lipstick With Smiling Face 
peach colour lipstick

4. Soft Peach Color Lipstick On Smiling  Face 
peach color lipstick

5. Beautiful Selena Gomez peach color lipstick
selena gomez peach colour lipstick

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