Laser And Electrolysis Hair Removal Benefits,Precautions And Problems

Laser Hair Removal Benefits,Precautions And Problems

If you are tired of shaving, waxing and twee zing hairs, then electronic methods of hair removal are just for you. In the old methods, there is hair removal cream for men and women, including razor, wax, soap, oil, etc. But the latest technology includes laser hair removal, electrolysis hair removal which is latest methods of permanent hair removal. So, here we are describing you all about these latest and high technology methods of hair removal.

Hair removal with laser

laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is one of the very popularly used methods of hair removal. In this method, the high concentrated beams of laser are lighted to skin, which destroys the hair. Old models of lasers were painful, slow and worked on some particular type of hair and skin only. But the latest methods of laser hair removal are diverse which work for multiple skin types and hair types. In this procedure, there are a number of sessions for permanent hair removal.


1.It helps you in removing undesirable hair from legs, under arms, face, etc.
2.It is very accurate. It only targets the area from where you want to remove hair. it does not harm the surrounding area.
3.It is very fast in comparison to hair removal cream or wax. For small area like upper lips, it takes just a minute to do.
4.The result is averagely satisfying. Many persons, who have done this, have enjoyed permanent hair loss from the particular area treated in different sessions.
laser hair removal problems
You might get burn because of using laser hair removal. So use of pure Aloe Vera gel and moisturizing cream can help a lot.


It is not an easy thing like waxing at home or using hair removal soap. Laser hair removal begins with training and it includes some risks also. If you are planning to have laser hair removal, then you should reduce the amount of waxing and twee zing hairs. This is because, in laser hair removal, roots are the target. And due to waxing or twee zing, roots are not there. You should also avoid going in sun rays, both before and after laser treatment.

Laser hair removal cost

Basically the cost is different depending upon many factors. But an average cost is $235 per session for laser hair removal.

Electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal
It is the only method approved for permanent hair removal. To get the best results, you need to take many sessions. But the permanent fact is not applicable to everyone. In this permanent hair removal, with a very thin and sleek needle-shaped electrode, electric current is passed to the roots of hair to destroy it. The removal is done when the hair is in growing stage. That’s why there are multiple sessions for hair removal, as all the hair cannot be in the growing stage at a time.


The main benefit of electrolysis hair removal is that it has long lasting effects of hair removal, mostly permanent. Another benefit is that it can be tried on all skin types and all hair types. It does not harm the color of hair, it only destroys roots. It is very effective on light colored hair like grey, blonde and light red in comparison to laser hair removal.


It takes very long time for best results. You might need to take 15 to 30 sessions for complete treatment of electrolysis hair removal. And if the follicles of hair are bent due to twee zing or waxing, it causes difficulty in this treatment. It is a painful treatment and not everyone can tolerate the pain. It can also discolor your skin tone, in case it is not done properly.

So, these were the two most popular and effective methods of permanent hair removal with their description.

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