Types Of Hair Tinting For All Variety Of Hairs

Meaning OF Hair Tinting

Hair tint is a type of hair dye that changes the hair color permanently. If you want to change the color of your permanently then you should do hair tinting. It is a hair dye available in many forms. The tint can be a shampoo based hair color or a veggie dye.


Working Of Hair Tinting

After applying a shampoo based hair dye or simple tinting to hair, a layer of ammonia gets stuck to the hair. The ammonia opens the cuticles of hair and enables the color to enter into them. In this way the original hair color changes to the color of this colored hair treatment. The hair tinting can cover up to 100% grey hairs.
shampoo based hair dye

Effects Of Hair Tinting

The effect of hair tinting depends on the type of hair tint you are using. You will be able to know the effects of tinting when you will know about what does hair dye do to your hair. There are two types of hair tinting- permanent and semi-permanent. Permanent hair tint like shampoo based hair dye completely changes the color of your hair. This effect can last up to lifetime. The color of the good hair color products does not fade away easily. If you have done a colored hair treatment with branded products then, then hair tinting will last longer. You cannot wash out hair color permanently. Hair tints also leave re-growth line. If you have done hair tinting which is matching to your natural hair color, then it will be less noticeable. If you have used semi-permanent tinting, you need to recolor your hair according to the speed of your tint fading. To do it quickly, use a shampoo based dye. The effect of hair tinting lasts freshly up to 6 weeks. So you can re-tint your after 6 weeks.
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How To Apply Hair Tinting

Applying a hair tint is a very quick work to do. It takes less time in comparison to hair coloring. If you are using a shampoo based hair dye, then it is a matter of just 10 minutes. You can easily apply hair tint using a brush and a bowl. The time taken by a hair tint to develop its color is around 30 to 40 minutes. The application time depends on the length of your hair. If you have short hair, you can apply tint within 15 minutes. If you have long hair, tinting can take up to 30 minutes. To speed up the coloring process, you can use heat. But use heat under precaution. For best results, switch to a professional hair salon. But before applying a hair tint, you must take a skin test. In this test, apply a little bit of hair tint on a little area of scalp and leave for few minutes. If you don’t feel any irritation, then you can apply tint all over the hair, if you feel any kind of irritation then don’t use the tint and immediately consult a doctor.
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Demerits Of Hair Tinting

You already read above the benefits of hair tinting, but there are some problems also. If you are aware of what does hair dye do to your hair, then you probably know the negative side of hair tinting. First problem is that you need your hair roots to be covered completely. If it is not done, then you will notice a growth line very soon which will spoil your hair look. For a better colored hair treatment, use good hair color products like shampoo based hair dye or veggie dye.
colored hair treatment

The Result Of Hair Tinting

The result of hair tinting is that you get a number of different tints for your hair, it can be a blonde color, or one of the best home red hair color, pure black, classy brown, etc.
what does hair dye do to your hair

Natural Tinting-Veggie Dye

Veggie hair dye is a very safe option in the field of hair tinting. If you have sensitive skin, then it is best for you. This dye is made of natural veggies. It does not contain chemicals or toxic. If you are allergic to hair dyes, then it is a superb option for you. But this dye is not long lasting like good hair color products. This natural colored hair treatment does not color the hair, but it covers the hair. For instance, the best home red hair color is natural henna. This dye fades off easily. This dye does not leave a re-growth line so you need not to worry about roots while using veggie dye.
best home red hair color

So use any tint you like, natural or ready-made, just pay attention to the precautions before the application and there’s nothing to worry about.

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