How To Get Rid From Hair Loss And Their Reasons

Hair loss

Hair loss is a very common and fast growing problem now-a-days. Almost every age group is suffering from this problem. Hair fall in a kind of disease, in which hair starts falling away from the scalp. Any person cannot regain the same hair which is lost. But on that place, new hairs start to grow. Sometimes, new hair don’t grow on the scalp, this becomes a critical stage of hair fall. The scalp here turns into a hair loss scalp. This can lead to baldness. Hair fall starts when you start noticing more hair in your comb, on your towel, in your hairband, on your pillows. A process of hair fall comes into notice when you lose more hairs than normal.

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Reasons of hair loss

Hair loss occurs to many age groups like in young men and women, in old aged persons and sometimes in children too. Like different people, the reasons for hair fall are also different. In male, hair fall usually occurs in the mid-section of the head. This type of hair fall is very common and major also. It is very difficult to hide loss of hair in this situation, because hair loss scalp becomes visible. In men, the reasons for hair fall can be stress, dandruff or natural hair fall which happens due to ageing. In female, hair fall usually starts from crown area of the head. Some females also lose hair like hair loss in men, in male pattern, from the mid-section of the hair. For females, there are a number of reasons for losing hair. It can be pollution, sweat, dandruff, pregnancy, etc. One more reason of hair fall in female in the long hair which gets tangles a lot. Tangled hairs break too much and lead to hair fall. Children lose their hair in a whole from the head. Another type of hair fall occurs due to some particular diseases. All these are different types of hair fall. In children, the hair fall occurs due to lack in nutrition, or diseases acquired by birth. In old aged persons, the basic reason for hair fall is their growing age. And sometimes, the reason for hair fall is a specific disease like cancer, brain tumor, psychological disorders and rashes. Sometimes use of wrong shampoo and conditioner are also a reason of hair fall.

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Prevention from hair loss

After knowing the reasons of hair fall, it becomes easy to prevent it. Mostly young men also suffer from hair loss. So we start here with prevention of hair loss in men. For male pattern hair loss treatment purpose, first of all, medical treatment is considered. In medical treatment, there are some good vital medicines which help in hair growth. These medicines have important vitamins in them which increase the growth of hair. It also strengthens the hair roots. Another way of male pattern hair loss treatment is hair restoration. Hair restoration is a medical treatment in which hairs are transplanted on hair loss scalp. After this, the next way of prevention is some oils and serum which help in hair growth. You should use a good brand oil/serum for hair growth. Regular massage of a good branded hair serum helps in growth of hair on hair loss scalp. This method of hair fall prevention is applicable for both male and female. For female hair loss prevention, regular massage of lukewarm mustard oil is also good. It is a natural remedy. It helps in removing dandruff and strengthening of hair roots. But if you want to go for scientific treatment, then in market, a number of branded and good quality hair serums are available to restore hair fall. Apart from this, professional shampoo and conditioners can help in male and female hair loss prevention. Professional products are usually expensive, but effective also. Recently, a hair product company launched a hair gaining serum exclusively for young men hair loss prevention. So, it can also be used for male and female hair fall prevention.

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So, these were the types and reasons of hair fall, including prevention. The results of methods of hair fall prevention vary from person to person. But to see the results, efforts, good quality products, and of course time is needed.

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