Know About 7 Best Hair Extensions And Their Types

Meaning Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are artificial hair integration in which implementation of fake hairs in done. It is done to increase the volume of hairs instantly. Hair extensions are also used to increase the length of the hair. Sometimes, these are used to protect natural hairs also. Extensions are artificial hair or sometimes natural hairs that are collected from others. This technique is so advanced that it does not give any artificial look and provide a natural appearance.

Types And Quality Of Hair Extensions
hair extenson
According to needs and amount of money, there are many types of hair extensions. Some extensions are very expensive and some are cheaper in rate. These extensions are of Remy hair, straight hair, wavy hair, dry, wet, single colored and colorful. The list starts here:

1. Remy Hair Extensions
remy hair extension
These hair extensions are not artificial. These are made up of natural and fine quality hair. These hairs are cut directly from the donor’s hair. It is very difficult to find out whether an extension is originally Remy or not. The difference is very minor and even professionals find difficulty in guessing the difference. The real technique of checking original Remy hair is highly skillful. For this, you need to feel the cuticles of hair which is not even an easy task. These hairs are available in some different patterns of hair color like blossom red, coffee brown, shiny black, etc.

2. Human Hair Wigs
human hair wigs
Hair wigs of human hair are just a substitute of Remy hair. These wigs are made from natural hairs especially in India. In India, hairs donated on religious and traditional places like temples, are collected to make hair wigs which earns a large percentage of business. After collection, these hairs are cleaned property, washes and re-dyed. That’s why Remy hair extensions are available in much hair color. These wigs usually contain a strong type of hair quality due to its originality. But the strength completely depends on the hair type. These are also known as human hair extensions.

3. Synthetic Hair
Synthetic Hair
These are not the real hairs. It is a type of fiber which can be used like Remy hair extensions. This hair extension is available in weave as well as bulk/strands of hair. This is a temporary kind of hair extension because it is not durable. It needs protection for heat. If it comes in contact of heat, it gets damaged quickly. It is cheap in cost in comparison to human hair wigs and extensions. Hair curler and straightener should never be used on synthetic hair extensions.

4. Bonding And Sealing Extensions
Bonding And Sealing Extensions
It is a short time hair extension. These last up to three weeks. The soft bond is easy, comfortable and light to wear. On the other hand, hard bond is very technical and it’s complicated to wear, and sometimes uncomfortable also. It has graceful look just like Remy hair extensions.

5. Fusion Hair Extensions
Fusion Hair Extensions
It is one of the most attractive human hair extensions. In this, extensions are attached to natural hair using adhesives. The hair color can be of your choice. It gives a stunning natural look.

6. Infusion Hair Extensions
infusion hair extension
These are the trademarked hair extensions of a popular hair stylist. It is very safe for natural hair as it doesn’t use any electronic appliance for hair. An adhesive, which is keratin based, is used to incorporate hair extensions.

7. Lace Fronts Hair Wig
Lace Fronts Hair Wigs
These are now-a-days used very widely. It provides natural hair look as a cap like structure is added to it. For plays, acts, even movies, these extensions are used. Lace front is also available in different shades of hair color- light and dark both. It has a look different from to human hair extensions.

So these were some popular and effective hair extensions. The need of the hour is to choose such a human hair wig or extension, with which you are comfortable. So, now you can easily solve the problem of thin hair with the help of extensions that also of your favorite hair color. So be playful, be charming and be with style.

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