4 Way To Remove Hair Color At Home Naturally

4 Way To Remove Hair Color At Home Naturally

Before using any method for removing your hair colors, you should know the reason why you want to remove a particular hair color idea. You should know the amount of difference you want to see in the color of your hair.
Some hair color removal methods fade the shade of your dye hair and some just lighten it. For example, if you have done red hair color, a strong hair color remover will turn it into light pink and a soft hair color remover will just lighten its shade. The same happens with strawberry blonde hair. For your maximum safety, you should try some sensitivity test for your hair.
There are so many methods for removing hair dye and to remove blonde hair color; some of them are discussed here.

1.Color remover-

In this method, your hairs will have minimum damage. Color removers eliminate your hair colors very smoothly. It works on different hair color ideas differently. Color removes are available in two categories-color reducers and color strippers. Color reducers are very nice to your hair. They don’t affect your natural hair color. They just remove the artificial color of hair. For example, if you have red hair color or strawberry hair color, the color removers will just remove the blonde hair color and it will not cause any harm to natural color of your hairs.
Color strippers are somewhat like bleach and they help in removing permanent hair color.
Instructions: You should use hair color remover to permanent hair dye. The damage risk is sensible. It is effective on permanent dye hair. And you must do a strand test before use.


if you start hating your hair color, then you should try bleaching. It is the most powerful method to remove impact of hair color ideas but it’s harsh also. After trying so many methods to remove dye hair like red hair color, strawberry blonde hair etc., you should choose bleaching as your last option. Don’t do unnecessary bleaching. Do not bleach fresh colors. Bleach is more helpful if you want to remove cool tones and to remove blonde hair color. Before using bleach, you should wash out the color, as much as possible.
Instructions: You should go for bleach is the hair color is stubborn. The risk is moderate and high also.

3.Anti-dandruff shampoo-

It is a very simple and less harming trick to remove hair dye. The hair colors wash away slowly with this shampoo. It is helpful when you want to get rid of hair color ideas like light strawberry blonde hair, pastel tones, etc. it helps in removing blonde hair color of dark dye hair like red hair color, quickly. It is not effective on permanent hair color.
Instructions: it can easily remove blonde hair colors. There is no risk on using this method, you just need to use shampoo with conditioner.

4.High lift blonde dye-

High lift blonde dye
it is the most traditional method of removing hair colors. If you have dye hair like strawberry blonde hair, you can use high lift blonde to remove blonde hair color and make up corrections in your hair dye removing method.
Instructions: It removes light stains that were caused during hair removal. The risk is medium while using for blonde hair color ideas.
So, these were some popular and effective methods to remove hair color, but you must go for some precautions before attempting some of them.

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