30 Best Nude lipstick Shades For Every Skin Tone In 2016

Nude lipstick Nude lipstick is the new trend. This is a shade which matches your skin tone to a large extent. Sometimes, it is also called second skin because it looks same as your skin color. Recently, bold and dark shades of lipstick were very much in trend, and still they are. And after that, numerous shades of pink are all time... more →
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30 Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs For Hands In 2016

Henna Designs Henna designs are one of the very easy ways to decorate yourself. Mostly girls are very fond of this. Basically, in India, it is a ritual that the bride-to-be has to get the mehndi design on her hands and feet. It demonstrates happiness and joy. But it’s not a compulsion that you can try these designs only on the... more →
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