30 Modern Designs Of Hijab, Niqab and Burka Style For Muslim Culture In 2015

Every summer, the issue of saving your skin from harmful rays of sun arises. For this, most of people use body lotions, sun screens and so on. But these are not hundred percent sun proof tricks for your skin. The skin of your face is usually more delicate than the rest of the body. That’s why people care a little bit more about their face in all seasons, especially girls. Covering the face is a very normal act now-a-days. Whenever girls are outside in sun or in pollution, they usually cover their face with a scarf, stole or in traditional form, it can be said hijab. In muslim culture, the cloth that ladies use to cover almost their whole body is known as burka. Commonly, it is in black color. As already said, using headscarf in summer is very common and also beneficial for your skin. There are so many ways to cover your face using stoles. In this modern age, there are different styles to use a stole. You can have different looks by just changing the style of your stole. This outfit is traditionally known as jilbab. Presently you can see ladies in burkas almost everywhere. It covers their whole body except their eyes. You can choose the fabric of your stole according to your need and skin type. So, now here we start about different types of wearing a hijab apart from traditional muslim culture.

So, we are starting with the cotton headscarf. In summers, cotton is the best fabric to choose because it is soft and skin-friendly. It also has the ability to absorb sweat and moisture, that’s why it is preferred more. The basic way of wearing a stole or scarf is wearing it just like hijab. It covers your forehead, ears, neck, cheeks, chin and nose. The eyes are not covered in it. But in some of the burkas, you will find a partially transparent fabric on the eyes area, so that the eyes are also covered. But everything is visible to the wearer because of the transparency of the fabric. Another way of wearing jilbab is that you can take a scarf, fold it and make a triangle of it and then tie a knot behind your head. In muslim culture, it is a loose fitting cloth. Lately, it used to come in black color with very less art work on it. But currently, you can see many attractive colors and designs on it. It maintains both tradition and grace. The next type of scarf you can use is the silk headscarf. These are very elegant, smooth and beautiful kind of hijab. Silk has a shine in it. In summers, it might be not comfortable to go for silk. But in cool seasons like winters and monsoon, wearing a silk scarf will be an awesome idea. Here, you have a wide range to choose in colors but the default one is always black. Any art work on silk looks impactful. Silk is such a fabric that highlights even the small stones and glitters used to design burkas. You can use safety pins to tie the silk scarf. You can also use knot for this purpose.

After this, we divide the category of jilbab into two varieties, short and long. It is not seriously according to the muslim culture, it is just based on the different types of stoles. First of all, we will discuss about short headscarf. This is similar to the hijab but it is short from the neck area. It also covers your face and head properly, but it does not hang more below the neck. It just remains tied near the neck. Then we talk about the long style scarf. It can be of any fabric. It covers face and head like other burkas and it is longer and hangs below the neck. Some are so long that they can hang till the waist length. Now-a-days jilbab are made with the combination of attractive contrast colors that look great with black fabric. These can be oink, blue, green or any others. All these colors give a great combination perfectly matching with the black headscarf. The next one is the floral printed scarf. These are made with the modern look keeping in mind the muslim culture. Arabian style is also too much in trend now. You can differently style your look with these burkas which is clearly illustrated in the pictures given here in this post. You can also decorate your scarf with a floral broche. Go for something ethnic. It suits the jilbab more in an elegant way. Apart from these, you can also style your scarf using laces and frills. It looks nice and does not alter any style statement.

So these were some really nice and easy to do scarf styles. There are so many options to choose from. You can try different styles to know which look suits you more. Hope you got what you were finding.

1.Simple and black hijab with long sleeves

2.Pure black traditional burka with silver shine

3.Loose fitting Burkas with attractive green outline

4.Black Jilbab with decorated neck area and sleeve border

5.Modern muslim culture outfit with decorated shoulder area

6.Attractive pink headscarf with black outfit

7.Black hijab with wide blue double border

8.Graceful light blue burka with fit waist area

9.Evergreen burkas with decorated neck and bottom area

10.Stunning golden shine jilbab in black

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