30 Beautiful Easy Henna Designs For Women’s Hand And Feet

Mehndi “Mehndi” or( henna )is a form of body art. In mehndi we draw decorative designs on a person’s body. mehndi is used in the form of paste and it is created by the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant. mehndi is still a popular form of body art among the women. Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhikā.... more →
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30 Different Goatee Beard style Pictures In 2017

In 21 century fashion and men has changed the curious of men’s style statement. Firstly, let us tell u what is goatee.? It is a most popular facial hair style for business ,professional,college student. Goatee beard has many style for different face look . But one most important thing of goatee beard is its maintenance . Men... more →
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30 Modern Hijab Styles Step By Step Pictures For Muslim Women’s in 2017

30 Modern Hijab Styles Step By Step Pictures For Muslim Women’s in 2017 Hijab is a tradition a veil type of scarf wear by ladies in muslim countries specially in front of non-maharam males or outside the house. With this they feel confident to keep their views in front of anyone. They don’t like to show off their beauty... more →
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30 Best Mohawk Hairstyle Images For Men In 2016

Mohwak hairstyle Mohwak hairstyle is different attractive hairstyle. this hairstyle gives attractive, wild, rebellious and punk guys look for those who wants to look different in crowd of thousand peoples. Mohwak hairstyle is used by celebrities, soccer players and models because it can be done in minimum time. this hairstyle gives... more →
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10 Best Ever Sideburn Facial Hair Beard Style Pictures In 2016

Trend of beard is increasing day by day. Most of the young guys are adopting this style. So its time to update yourself with the current vogue .We are showing here some of the popular and good-looking facial hair beard sideburn styles. Sideburn SideBurn is facial hair beard style which is grow on man’s Side face in front of... more →
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30 Creative Gel Nail Design Ideas For Acrylic Nails 2016

Gel nails are more suitable as compared to acrylic nails. The basic reason is that gel nails have a lesser chance of getting it lifted up. And if these nails are used as base coat, they also help in strengthening the original nails. Apart from this, the curing process of both these nails is different. Gel nails use UV to cure it... more →
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30 Beautiful Simple Henna Mehndi design For Beginners

henna mehndi
To enhance the beauty of hands, henna art has always played a beautiful role. As you already know, it’s a kind of tattoo but it’s not permanent. It automatically fades away with time. Basically henna was available in its only natural color but now it is available in various shades. To make beautiful henna designs, initially you... more →
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30 Cute Top Bun Hairstyles For Women And Girls In 2016

Cute Top Bun Hairstyles For Women And Girls These days, bun hairstyles are in swag. The simple reason behind this trend is that it’s cute, stylish, quick and easy to do. These hairdos are suitable for all type of hairs like straight, curly or both. Also these cute buns are suitable for all length of hair except short hair. The... more →
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30 Fabulous Acrylic Nails Art Design And Ideas In 2016

Handshake is one of the most initial things that anyone notices at the first greeting, whether it’s formal or informal. And when it comes to ladies, they always want their hands to look as beautiful as they are. To enhance the beauty of hands, apart from softness and shape, nails play a major role. It completely depends on what... more →
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